Birthday:  28th May 1995(24)    Relationship:  Single     

Nationality:  China                     Language:  Chinese. English

Industrial designer with great 3D modeling ability with a demonstrated history of working in the Sanitary ware design company. Skilled in 3D modeling, concept development and designing. 

Beijing Aibei kongjiankeji Co., Ltd     May 2018-Aug 2018


Design assistant


Beijing iTalk Training Center                Mar 2015-AUG 2015


superintendent of school district

I am a super car fans, my dream is to present  a TV show like "The Ground Tour". I like driving, racing and car meeting. I was tried to modified some of my car like: Honda S2000 ap1, Subaru WRX, Mazda Mx-5. I also like to challenge myself, I have learned to drive motorcycle, sky diving and so on. I love to communicate with others and make new friends. I like team work and used to team work. I was hold a race team with some of my friends. We always modified our car together and that why I believe team work is so important.  

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