Design for narrow city users. Customer and cargo motorcycle. 

KYMCO Taiwan is a motorcycle manufacturer company, and it holds  motorcycle design competition every year. The theme was " Design for recent future". I was in Taiwan at that time, so I was tried to design a scooter for Taiwan. 

I have been traveled some cities in Taiwan like: Taipei, Taichung, gaoxiong. There were few things made me impressive. 1. There were too many scooters in Taiwan, actually, it was my first time see that huge number of scooters. 2. Taiwan still kept a lot of narrow roads inside community, some of restaurant and store were open inside those narrow road. 3. I had interviewed some stores' owner about how to reload goods. They told me they had to carried goods by people.  

Based on the investigation, I decided to design a motorcycle which can carry people or goods. I designed a removable back seat which can be set on the shelf. User can assembly or disassembly the seat easily. 

I designed this motorcycle in old fashion style, because the user group suppose to be 30-40 years old store or restaurant owner. 

First Edition

Because the structure of back seat was changed, the interior space of motorcycle have to be reduced. people can put only one helmet inside. 

For the first edition, I designed a smooth body. Big and single head light, removable back seat and goods carrier. It seems good  but a little bit expensive to build. 

Final Edition

Color plan

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